Dog Bag Dispensers

Weatherproof and vandal resistant.
Easy mounting on wall, post or dog-bin.
One-per-pull minimises wastage.
Locking front access for filling.

Size: 460mm x 160mm x 230mm
Colour: Green or Red (other colours by
arrangement) Fixing options: Various Brackets are
available for fixing, including walls, posts and
Variant price modifier:
Salesprice with discount
Sales price £94.80
Sales price without tax £79.00
Tax amount £15.80
Price: No additional charge
Manufacturer: JRB

The Dog Glove™ Dispenser can now be seen in thousands of parks all over Britain. A handy way of delivering dog-poop bags when and where needed, this revolutionary new system leaves no excuses for irresponsible dog owners to not pick up after their dogs. Simple to install, simple to use, specially designed bags have made these dispensers an essential tool in the fight against dog pollution.

The unique design of the dispenser allows only one bag at a time to be pulled out, helping to prevent any wastage problems. Constructed from rust resistant Zintec steel the dispenser is weatherproof and vandal resistant. The locking front access permits easy filling. It is simple to mount on a post, wall, building or dog bin.

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